A Limited Practice Law Firm

     The law office of Richard Kuntze provides legal services in specific areas of concentration. The matters handled include litigation and dispute resolution; business planning and controversies; estate planning and asset preservation ; and human resource issues, including workmens compensation. Criminal defense matters are considered on a case by case basis. Specialty areas such as bankruptcy, are generally referred to experts outside the firm with varying degrees of continuing involvement depending on the desires of our clients.   Limiting the type of matters handled insures that this firm will have experience and knowledge in the type of legal matters with which you are dealing.   

    Often the solutions to meet your objectives require a grasp of legal and technical issues along with real world experience. To that end, we will work with you create a solution, and take the time to understand the results you are trying to accomplish. Throughout the process, we work within the budgetary constaints of each client. As we learn about your goals, we suggest strategies; estimate probable fees; propose courses of action likely to streamline the process; save costs and deliver the results you need.   When you seek legal assistance from the law office of Richard Kuntze, you will receive those services from the lawyer you hire, rather than being passed off to a lawyer with less experience or with less knowledge of your business operations and needs. We maintain a limited number of active files so that your matter can receive the attention that is deserves. We also take advantage of the latest technological advances to maximize availability.  

     We invite you to visit with several lawyers before you enter into a professional engagement; the choice of a law firm to handle your affairs is a very personal one. Ask about experience in the type of matter with which you are dealing; spend some time to see if you are comfortable with the lawyer. Communication, confidence, and absolute confidentiality are essential in an attorney-client relationship. 

  We will be honored to discuss your matter with you. We will also honestly tell you if some other firm would be better able to handle your matter, and assist you in the selection of the lawyer to assist you, if you desire.